Are you interested in starting your career in trucking but not sure what division is right for you? At Royal logistics, there are three divisions: local, regional, and long-haul. The trucking industry is growing quickly and the demand for drivers is at an all-time high.

Driving long-haul routes is very different from local or regional trucking. When considering which division works best for you, consider the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Long-Haul Routes

Get paid to see the country: Since long-haul truck drivers spend many days of the week on the road, traveling to places you might not otherwise get to see. This can be a very rewarding experience for those who love the sense of exploration. On most long-haul routes you will have a period of the layover. This layover gives you time to get out and explore an area on your own. 

Long-haul driving is perfect for those individuals wanting freedom on the open road. 

Less loading and unloading:  Although long-haul drivers drive for a longer period of time, their frequency of unloading freights is far lower. More time is spent on the road than maneuvering docks. 

Disadvantages of Long-Haul Routes

Spending more time away from home: For those with a family or just like being home, traveling across the country can be one of the biggest disadvantages of long-haul routes. If you are interested in long-haul driving, it is important to keep this in mind. 

When you drive for Royal Logistics, you can choose whether you want local, regional or long haul routes. Each division has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on your lifestyle, you can choose whichever division fits you best. Interested in learning more about local routes with Royal? Check out our post and see if driving local is right for you.

No matter what division of trucking you are interested in, it is important to ensure you are still taking care of yourself outside of work. Truck driving can be a taxing job if not handled properly, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Check out our tips for staying healthy while trucking.